Guidelines for Community Contributions

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We're Committed To Our Communities

Ruiz Foods is committed to contributing to the communities of our Team Member families. We realize there are many worthwhile organizations vital to community needs. Ideally, we would like to be able to assist each one. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Contribution Guidelines

Contribution Priorities

Ruiz Foods receives more requests for contributions than its budgets will allow it to grant. We have targeted specific areas that are a priority to the corporation to help with reviewing contribution requests:

Ruiz Foods supports the communities where we live and work.

These include:

Funding Limitations

Ruiz Foods refrains from support of:

Funding Availablilty

Funding is available from the corporate community relations budget. Funding is limited. Decisions are the responsibility of the Ruiz Foods Community Relations Department. All donations are administered from our Community Relations office at Ruiz Foods Corporate Headquarters in Dinuba, California.

Contribution Procedures

In addition to submitting our the Ruiz Foods Community Relations Request Form, the following MUST be included:

Contact information:

If you have further questions or need additional information, contact Blanca Santana:

Ruiz Foods Community Relations
PO Box 37
Dinuba, CA 93618

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